Read what area principals and teachers have to say about Dancing Classrooms!

“As we understand more about the brain development of students, especially those living in poverty, we learn the importance of movement, engagement and the arts. We strive to teach students not only academics but life skills as well. The Dancing Classrooms program allows us to seamlessly integrate these activities into our school day. From the moment the program begins we see our 5th grade boys and girls turn in to young ladies and gentlemen. Dancing Classrooms has brought positive change to Old Town Elementary, and has become something all our students look forward to, a true rite of passage at Old Town.” Benjamin “Rusty” Hall, Principal, Old Town Elementary School WSFCS Principal of the Year 2015-2016
“Our 5th graders LOVED Dancing Classrooms! Tuesdays and Thursdays could never come soon enough. If we had spare time in the day, our kids would ask to practice their dance moves. As their teachers, we could not be more thrilled to watch their growth as dancers and as individuals. Our students learned so much about respect and decorum. It was very easy to transition the conversations of respect and decorum to the classroom and apply those life skills beyond the dance floor. We can’t wait to do it all again!” Kelley Lambert, 5th Grade Teacher, Union Cross Elementary School
 Dancing Classrooms is a high quality arts-in-education program that provides a creative and memorable experience our students will cherish for years. The dance instructors bring an enthusiasm and dedication that is simply contagious each and every week. The pride and enthusiasm of our students and staff speaks volumes about the overall experience. We look forward to Dancing Classrooms returning for the 2014-2015 school year!” Angela P. McHam, former Principal, Union Cross Elementary School
“Watching the evolution of these fifth graders dance, social interaction and self-confidence growth has been inspiring. Each of them engaged, blossomed and bonded as they discovered the art of dance…The biggest win was seeing students support and encourage each other.” Sharon Creasy, Principal, Whitaker Elementary School
“My lovely daughter and her friends had the opportunity to learn ballroom dancing through Dancing Classrooms in their school. Dancing Classrooms is a non-profit whose mission is: “…to cultivate essential life skills in children through the art of social dance. Our vision is to help create schools and communities where every child is connected, respected, and provided a safe environment in which to thrive.” This has been one of the most amazing opportunities that Ava has been able to take part in. Ava was part of the team that competed yesterday five other elementary schools in the area. The competition was named “The Colors of the Rainbow.” Rosemary Harris, Aunt May in the Spiderman movies, was there to cheer the kids along. They really loved that! Thank you to the all of the teachers and staff who supported this program coming to our school!”  http://jessipaigephotography.com/2016/05/the-colors-of-the-rainbow/   Jessica Mosley, Parent of 5th Grade Student, Smith Farm Elementary
“I cannot tell you the impact Dancing Classrooms has had on our children as far as character building and supporting our get healthy initiative. It introduced our children to a nature of civility and decorum that followed them throughout the school year. Their academics were enhanced as well. They now had more experience to incorporate into their personal tool box, to make connections within all aspects of their work at school; i.e. collaboration, arts appreciation, writing, connecting rhythm and steps to math, and social studies with the study of countries, musicians and culture. Their lives were enriched! Yes, please include us in your planning.” Bea M. Veto, Principal, Easton Elementary School
Dancing Classrooms is AMAZING! I have had the opportunity to see it from the perspective of a teacher and now as an administrator. I have seen children who once bullied, politely ask “May I have this dance?” I have seen children who once stood silently in the corner, dance the Tango in front of an entire room of peers and adults. Dancing Classrooms teaches each child how to respect one another while giving them the confidence needed to respect themselves. I applaud Dancing Classrooms for all they have done for children.“ Donald Wyatt, Principal, Sedge Garden Elementary School
“[I] appreciated the teamwork that Dancing Classrooms brought to our classroom.  They developed a sense of kindness to each other that was demonstrated beyond the dance sessions.” Jennifer Waldorf, 5th Grade Teacher, Whitaker Elementary School
“The ballroom dancing program brought out the best in our fifth graders.  My daughter enjoyed every minute dancing.  The boys and girls treated each other with respect and learned to work together.” Emery Bettis, Parent of 5th Grade Student, Whitaker Elementary School
Dancing Classrooms has brought something transformative into the lives of my 5th grade students. This experience for my children, as I said in an earlier conversation, cracked open a code to entering middle class culture that is often a hidden key to children living in poverty. 90% of our students will not break the cycle of poverty, statistically. The children who, aligned with a high quality academic program, develop self-confidence, poise, respect, self expression, and a belief in themselves – will be the 10% who do break out. I believe that this year’s 5th grade is that 10%. Tonight’s final event was magical. When I gave a ride home to two students, they asked me to drive around the block because they didn’t want the night to end! I am proud and humbled. I am ready and willing to speak and advocate for Dancing Classrooms.  Thanks again.” Ted Burcaw, former Principal, Cook Elementary School
“You have NO IDEA how much these guys LOVE Dancing Classrooms! We got a new student, James, and we were telling him about the happenings of the class. They ALL wanted to tell him about Dancing Classrooms! It was awesome!   Thanks for everything! “ Donna Siegle, former 5th Grade Teacher, Cook Elementary School
Dance is a means of breaking down barriers, learning about honor and civility, treating others respectfully, building confidence and self-esteem, collaborating and working as a team, and accepting and appreciating differences.