Dancing Classrooms

Dancing Classrooms is much more than a program that “teaches dance.” Dancing Classrooms wraps critical life lessons around the teaching medium of partner dancing. We at Take the Lead (“TLNC”) offer the Dancing Classrooms program to all elementary schools in this area, school by school, through the approval of a school’s principal.Attached is a Program Description with commentary from local principals, teachers and parents about the importance of Dancing Classrooms to their students, families and school communities.Also attached is a listing of our WSFCS and other area schools.

Dancing Classrooms is highly acclaimed nationally and internationally, and its powerful, life-changing influence is well chronicled in the media and in three films, Take the Lead (with Antonio Banderas portraying the founder’s story), Mad Hot Ballroom (an award-winning documentary) and Dancing in Jaffa (building peace in the Middle East).https://dancingclassrooms.org/

Dancing Classrooms is a 10-week – 20 session social and emotional learning, arts in education residency for 5th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The program uses a curriculum-based teaching methodology and ballroom dancing to build successes and help students achieve social awareness. The program changes not only the lives of the children who participate in the program, but also the lives of the teachers, parents and families who support these children.

Dancing Classrooms students are taught a colorful vocabulary of various social dances in a classroom setting. The classes reinforce elements of their academic curriculum including geography, math, science, social studies, writing, art and physical education. Against the alarming rise of gang activity, absenteeism, obesity and Type 2 diabetes among school age children, Dancing Classrooms introduces a healthy, wholesome and engaging cardiovascular activity for both genders, with the potential for lifelong enjoyment.

Dancing Classrooms culminates in a “Colors of the Rainbow” gathering geared toward families and friends, which may be an evening dance for students with their parents, an assembly presentation of dances by students which includes their writings and artwork, or a Ballroom Breakfast with parents, teachers and friends.

Our classes serve a diverse population of children and cultural backgrounds. There are no pre-requisites and experience is never required. In Dancing Classrooms, we follow the highest standards of excellence to ensure a successful and meaningful experience for each student.

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Dance is a means of breaking down barriers, learning about honor and civility, treating others respectfully, building confidence and self-esteem, collaborating and working as a team, and accepting and appreciating differences.